Friday, October 29, 2010

my new cutie!!

This is a PIPOS BAHA KITTY, about 8 inches tall, resin
He/she is in teh bedroom of my 5 floor dollhouse// bed is Strombecker.chest unfinished Dollar Tree, other stuff from ebay I may do a bit of repaint, becasue I think i wanat he/she to be a she!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

More Fashions for CISSY

Pink Poodle Princess
FauxFur Shrug

Pink Icing

Fashions by JUDI OOAKS for CISSY

Peaches and Cream


The dress is reversible

Knitted funfur jacket

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Original Designs for Madame Alexander CISSY

Striped dupioni

silk crepe

Cotton prints

Hand Knit and tie dyed fabric

Pleather and cotton print


Fully lined cotton prin

Silk lined in silk

Fully lined cotton print

Cotton Print outfit.. various additions to hat

Silk Brocade kimono

Plaid Taffeta and Stretch velvet

Novelty fabric, beaded top, hand knit shawl

Burnt out velvet and novelty fabric

Silk dupioni and beaded applique

Velvet jacket lined with crinkled novelty fabric, same as gown ,
Beaded applique

one sexy chic! look at those legs!!!
These outfits are all ONE OF A KIND- OOAK sewn by me. Hats were painted, covered and decorated and are also OOAKs

I LOVE madame Alexander CISSY !



Anna Sui

America The Beautiful


More of my repaints of sure to see previous post of repaints and PLEASE leave a comment.

Lots of Madame Alexander CISSY Repaints and original clothing

All of these CISSY were repainted, rewigged by me,Judi Parker over about a 2 year period.. prior to 2005..i lost all my records and these pic are on a CD i rescued.. All the clothing is original designs , all the Doll repaints,wigs, replaced eyes, clothes and Hats are in private collections purchased from Me privately, On Yahoo MADAME ALEXANDER group and EBAY

be sure to click on "older post" to see them all and I'd love to have comments and PLEASE if you purchased any of these items, leave a comment

Madame Alexander CISSY Repaints and Clothing my Judi Parker

All factory paint removed
Face completely painted ( was stained)