Wednesday, December 30, 2009

One Holiday over, One more to come..

and i hope that as soon as it is over my mind kicks into some gear that I can live with. It's been a rollercoaster of emotions this month.. I expected it, but somehow i am never prepared to handle the melancholia and anxiety that Christmas brings

OMG>I cant believe that 7 dental imlpants can cost over $20,000.. really! Oral surgeon just under 16,000, then the actual teeth from the Dentist.. i am not doing it, needless to next week i get impressions for 2 partials.. I'm disappointed, but way too realistic to spend $20,000

I registered for Jamie Ridlers new at home collage workshop and works thru it 4 times..its a method that really works for me.. i can really let my emotion out .. ''

Monday, December 7, 2009

Terrific Trio


P Have you ever seen prettier lil red headed dolls? These cuties are HelenKish Riley 7 1/2 inch vinyl dolls repainted and hair dyed and styled by Jennifer Sutherland of JACS Studio, California. Jenny has three of her Twilight doll repaints on the cover of the current issue of Fashion Doll Quarterly

I'm thnking about names.. they are Irish of course, Louisiana born, French Quarter raised.. Family D'Arbonne, Acadians

Right now I' m considering Trista, Sabella,Tessa//or Rhain, Reese, Roxy


Friday, December 4, 2009


I have seen snow here!!!
in 1960, 1964, 1974, 1998. 2008 and tonight
It was a whole 70 minutes, at least 200 fluffy big flakes,, hahaha,
I threw snowballs in the road ahead of two vehicles,
got honks and flashing lights in appeciation..
thrill for this 69 year old..
we had a heavy snow last year , accumulation lasted overnight..
it was a record in accumlation.tonight was a record early date..
so where is this Global Warming eh???

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Jamie Ridler offered these Prompts for us to Blog about the year 2009

What was the HighPoint?
Watching Kadence Doune reach her Second Birthday..she has been an almost indescribable joy in my life

What was the low point
My Mother passed away 4 days before her 89 th birthday. She was in Hospice her last 4 days with all her relatives except her Sister, there day and night. It was a bonding time for our family.

What am I proud of
That is a hard one, I suppose that I have been able to adjust to the everyday changes in the life of a Golden Years Senior!

What was fun
Playing with Kadence, buying her books and reading and most fun has been sharing my 5 story dollhouse and full accessories with her.. she loves "dollhouse, turn light on"

What has changed
Oh my.. kids moving in and out, health up and down.. losing My Mother

What has stayed the same
Unpredictable Louisina weather! boredom. hating to be here alone. bad eating habits and overindulgence in my Dollcollection!!

What did I say yes to
Blogging, sharing

What did I say no to
No more chasing unattainable dreams.trying very hard to learn to say NO> I dont have a solution for your problem.. just to listen and not always offer my advice

What challenged me
Participating in the "Wreck This Journal" group..what fun!!Life was a challenge, fighting anxiety and depression all year

Who are the new people in my life
Wonder blogging internet friends. Carolyn, my Husbands cousin; Nicole, my Grandsons sweetie :Brandon, my Granddaughters fiance

What will I be glad to leave behind
The emotional up and downs of worring about the health and happiness of my Mother

What do I want to remember
That My parents did what they thought was best for us,that we all make parenting mistakes and that none of us are perfect

What would I like to celebrate
will be..celebratingMy Granddaughter's Graduation with her Masters from LSU and new wonderful job..but sadly .. a move to Houston, i will miss her

If this year was a painting what color would it be
Oh my.. a whole lot of blue and grey moods.Some hints of lilac..just adjusting and a full rainbow of Kadence !!