Saturday, August 29, 2009

I am..

I am from Crawfish from the Louisiana Swamps.
I am from the house on a quiet dead end street, facing the fairy woods behind the Elementary School, scented from the open canals draining in the summer heat.
I am from the Magnolia Grandiflora, heavenly perfumed , dark leathery leaves with soft suedeundersides
I am from Treacherous River Swimmers, sandy beach picnickers , homemade peach ice cream at Ruzenas and paintings supplies at Magdelines.
I am from tempermental and nostalgic Irish and German Czech ancesters.
From Swamp Angels and Flower Fairies.
I am from Faithful Methodists ,Lapsed Catholics .
I'm from the Texas panhandle, born to a Southern Father and a Yankee Mom, Fried Catfish Filets and Cold Boiled shrimp.
From the the Uncle who rode a horse up to the second floor of the High Scool, Botany Professors,Masons, Watchmakers and immigrant Irishman sent to Canada.I am from city founders,farmers,linemen,librarians ,needleworkers and homemakers
I am from early genealogy lines from Bohemia and Ireland.. I am a Southern Woman

A beautiful inciteful prompt from The ARTISTS WAY GROUP MEssage Board


miss*R said...

oh wow. this is yet another fantastic where I am from. It is amazing how once you start writing this piece, your imagination starts remembering and before you know it, you words have spilled onto the page, taking the reader with you. fantastic

Holly said...

I just sat and went through all of your posts. They are wonderful and free and large.

I enjoyed getting to know all about you. And, that picture of your great little one completely scrunched over into the process of creating? Truly inspired and wonderful.

By far, that image is my favorite and it will always make me think of you.

Loretta said...

What a neat post, Judi! I've always wished to visit your part of the world. Maybe one day...but I've longed to see a swamp with moss dripping from the oak trees. The closest I've come is Florida.