Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Judi, Judi, Judi

well actually only Judi at Mindmists and this Judi(me) have Hurricane preparations in common. She just snatched up a chainsaw.. and we love 'em here!! We were affected by Katrina, Gustav and Ike in this house..I lost most of a home in Ocean Springs MS in 1979, Hurricane Camille was on my Daughters birthday..

My Daughter, an MBA computer guru, is our resident handyperson.. during Gustav a turban blew off our two story house and was leaking into the attic.. she and My Granddaughter devised a "plug" using an inflatable exercise ball.. just stuck it thru the hole half way and inflated it.. shouldn't that be copywrited?

Susie Ridler was apalled that her husband requested "Hurricane Food" I stockpile candy, chips, cookies, canned meats, peanutbuttercrackers, canned cheese(ugh)canned fruit, lots of Toilet paper, cans of water and gas.. batteries lanterns, Ativan,, but I get so nervous waiting days for a storm, I eat most of it in a frenzy.. I hate hurricanes, they just keep on going and going and after effects going and going.

my sassy comment on this years Hurricane names? KATE>> i was a great Jon and Kate fan.. I think a hurricane KATE could be trouble


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Hurricane Kate! That's a good one, Judi! It takes living through some kind of disaster, weather or otherwise, to have the need to prepare yourself for future similar situations. Here in my neck of the woods we had an ice storm in early January that lasted 8 days. No electricity, no heat, nothing hot to eat or drink, pipes bursting, ATMs empty, gas stations closed (if you could get your car out of the ice casket or even make it down any street for the fallen power lines), no food or water on the grocery store shelves if you could make it there either. Since then I have been a stock piler and get nervous when my stocks dwindle. My ex-husband was an armageddonist and when the world didn't end on January 1, 2000, it was a blow to him. I'm still using the tea bags he bought for that non-event. Ironically, his life ended in the year 2000 and perhaps his armageddonism stemmed from him knowing that somehow, it was just "his" world that ended and not the earth world (although sometimes I think we have done enough to the planet I wouldn't blame it one bit for up and chucking us all off). Sorry, didn't mean to go on. And on. But in other words, I can relate.

gemma said...

Hi Patootie.
Kate's a good but to me the +8 would be a hurricane. LOL
Enjoyed your meme in last post.

La Dolce Vita said...

never had to deal with a hurricane, but lots of floods and blizzards. the stock up food is similar! but no ick canned cheese...yikes!