Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rich , but affordable

I ate at a new Mexican Restaurant and shopped at the adjoining grocery. I've been looking for yellow corn tortillas and no store here sells them , which surprises me as we have a growing Latino population.
My Mother made Tacos for us once a week and we often had friends of my parents over to indulge. At the time( my ancient History, early 1940's) no fresh tortillas were available and Mother had her my Grandmother send canned tortillas from Texas.. We loved them, my Father usually ate 9 or so, Mother 3 or 4 and 2 for me and about the same for company. Poor Mother, in the back corner of a 6x12 foot kitchen, in front of the huge window fan, frying for hours on a hot gas stove.. no airconditioning in South Louisiana I appreciated them then.. and now I cant imagine doing that!! but Tacos represent happier parts of my childhood

Was the Mexican Restaurant good? yes, very good. Did it taste like Moms.. ?Didnt even order tacos, no one can make them like she does.. I dont even try anymore. Will I try to make tacos with my newly found yellow corn tortillas?
Probably not.. I dont want to be disappointed

I wonder if anyone will remember something that I cook.


Meredith said...

Maybe your mother's art was her cooking -- maybe your art is your visual art and your blog :) (But I don't know how you cook. Perhaps someone will remember that!)

Talking of taco recipes, I tried one about two weeks ago that was a big hit. Everyone loved it, and it was super easy, and I could do other things while it cooked. In this case, I tried making my own tortillas for the first time. (Way too much work for the pitiful results -- I'll go back to buying them.)

Anyway, in case you want to give it a shot:

Meredith said...

I love your story, and I can sympathize with your mother. There's a reason why it's called slaving over a hot stove! This was my first summer without AC, in South Carolina, and I thought I would die in the kitchen a couple of times, esp. doing dishes in hot water or baking bread. I guess those old-time Southern gals were tough!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

It's amazing what you are used to - what is normal. No air conditioning and still cooking like that = normal for your mother. I have a few food memories from my childhood, most of them not good ones because I was a really picky eater and I had strict parents when it came to finishing my plate! But I used to love "minute steak". It was kept in the freezer, had a picture of a seal on the blue wrapping and I think it was a very thin kind of steak that would get crispy when fried. They don't sell it here anymore so I can't say for sure, I don't even know why I liked it so much.

Judit said...

Mothers cook in a great portion love into the meals, dont they? I think it is just impossible to prepare the same tasting meal like our moms as the vital ingredient "she" is missing.
I tried many times to cook a soup that I and my kids love that my mother prepares when we are home. It is so easy, and still I never manage to have a soup remotely reminding us of my mother's.
I hope I will leave also a few taste memories for my kids!

gemma said...

Having food from childhood memories is sacred. The ingredient we miss is the love our Mom's put in the recipe.